Easiest Way To Create Photo Books


Smart Editor

Our Ai SMART EDITOR is a fully automated Photo book designing tool that allows users to effortlessly create and order stunning photo books in just minutes. With our advanced Print AI technology, all photos are automatically cropped and the best layout is selected for the imported images. Our Ai Smart Editor provides users with a range of tools and creative flexibility to customize each and every page after the initial design. Experience a seamless and hassle-free photo book creation process.

Professional Way To Create Photo Books


Pro Editor

The fastest and easiest professional album design tool specially designed for pro photographers and photo enthusiasts, which enables everyone to create stunning photo books effortlessly. Our Print AI technology automatically selects the best layout for the images you import to our website and allows you to easily customize each and every page. Pro Editor gives you all the tools and creative flexibility to make it uniquely yours in a DIY way.

Simple. Fast. Powerful

Full creative freedom, without any difficulty. Pro Lab's online photo book designer offers simple paths to make your photo book. In either case, you can make as many adjustments as needed to design the perfect photo book!

Create Life's Best Moments on a Photo Book from Social Media Photos

Instantly generate a gorgeous photo book with your Instagram, Facebook & Google photos. Seriously it's Easy, Perfect for Anyone.

No time to design your photo book?
No problem! Share your photos,
we will design it for you.

Beautiful Photo Book
Delivered to your door.

Pro Lab Photo Book Printing

Personalised Photo Books For Memories That Last Forever!

It is easy to create your own personalized photo book album online with our world-class photo book editor browser-based, which does not require software downloads or installations.Photo books, also called coffee table books, Karishma albums, Karizma albums, or even Canvera albums, are the best way to preserve or showcase your life’s best memories and surprise friends and families a unique gift. Create a wedding photo album book, coffee table wedding album, wedding guest book photo album, and leather photo album book, hard cover photo books. Pro Lab offers options for all events with different sizes to choose from small to popular formats.With Pro Lab – you can use online photo book printing services where the photographers do professional photo book printing and are one of the most preferred local photo book printing.

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Read more Create & customize personalized photo books online. Many options that professional photographers use are available to everyone here on our website. Everyone will get the power to create unique designs as they are not restricted to use only the included layouts, but their backgrounds, colors, frames. No prior graphic designing or album photoshop work expertise is required. As everyone can use our user-friendly online photo book designing tools with the best path of user journey experience step by step, as most professionals do, you can well implement here.
You can start to design a blank photo album book from scratch, or you can use any of our professionally built themes like 21st birthday photo book, a 50th-anniversary photo book, baby photo book, the travel photo book, wedding photo book, festivals photo book, kids photo book, couple photo book, friends photo book, portfolio photo book, the holiday photo book, a portfolio photo book, engagement photo book, a baby shower photo book, pre-wedding photo book, or any special moments photo book.

Create the most excellent photo book for the wedding album

Handcrafted using only the finest materials, our wedding photo album books hard pages are a perfect way to document your special day. You can design a professional wedding photo album book using our wedding photo book album design templates. Pro Lab is the place where most photographers or photo enthusiasts print their custom wedding album photo books, which is one of the best photo book printing in India. Check our Indian wedding photo book album design templates. You can also use our photo book album app to print your own photo book. Here is the video tutorial link on how to make a wedding photo album online.

Personalized baby photo book

A photo book album filled with photo memories is a priceless keepsake that you can enjoy for generations. Your effort to create it uniquely is undeniable proof of your love. Create your own baby boy photo album book using our photo album book online software. For more baby photo book ideas, baby photo book layout ideas, baby photo book quotes, baby photo book samples, baby's first-year photo book samples check our pre-designed baby-themed templates

Steps for customizing your online photo book printing India

1) Upload digital photos, scanned photos, Facebook photos, Instagram photos, Google photos.
2) Type your text required in note pads and save it in folders and use it to copy-paste in our online editors to save time.
3) Choose an Album size & cover style required that best fits your album theme.
4) When choosing manual design mode in our editors, drag & drop your photos onto each page and select the background color that complements your album's content.
5) After you have reviewed each page & text proofing is done, add your album designed into your cart and place your order.

Photo Book Features 

Choose from our best selling photo book sizes

Easy Photo Books
Landscape: 6" x 9" | 8" x 12"
Portrait: 9" x 6" | 12" x 8"
Square: 6" x 6" | 8" x 8" | 10" x 10"

Pro Photo Books
Landscape: 8" x 12" | 10" x 12.5" | 12" x 15" | 12" x 18"
Portrait: 12" x 8" | 15" x 12" | 18" x 12"
Square: 8" x 8" | 10" x 10" | 12" x 12"

Photo Book Pages

Standard Quality - Glossy, Matte, Non-Tearable Glossy, Non-Tearable Matte, Non-Tearable Feather Touch.
Premium Quality - Non-Tearable Glossy, Non-Tearable Matte, Non-Tearable Feather Touch.

Photo book cover option

Easy Photo Books
Photo Hard Cover
Photo Soft Cover

Pro Photo Books
Photo Hard Cover
Photo Hard Cover with Dust Jacket
Leatherette Cover
Linen Cover
Designer Cover

Tools to create a Photo Book
Hundreds of backgrounds, clip-arts, themes for every occasion in our daily life.

Photo Book Production Time
2-4 business days. Sometimes 24-hour photo book printing service is also available on prior notice.

We ship out or deliver your photo book to your doorstep with a smile throughout India.

Most memorable moments of our life deserve a unique photo book for us to cherish it lifelong.

Are you looking for a wedding photo album book printing or any occasion creatively to showcase your favorite photos? From our Pro Lab online photo book services, you can create your own photo album book by just uploading photos and customize the best layout for the number of pictures per page according to your photo collection. Our online print lab is one of the best photo printing websites in India for digital silver halide prints, for ordering large photo prints online India, even you can print passport size photo online and visa photos for various countries or also even for official documentation photos for school, banking, official id photos.

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